Kindlewood Estates

Home of Kindlewood Cottage, public hangouts, and private residences injected with love by Sascha, Scar, and Tom Littlepaws.

Located at Kindlewood (61, 43, 28)

About Us

Kindlewood Estates opened in August of 2022 on a parcel in Serenity Woods, though we are now a full region aptly named Kindlewood. Alongside our cottage, visitors are invited to visit our sauna, pier arcade, and cafés. Kindlewood houses numerous adult furry hangout areas, venues for live music, and private residences, all embedded within a scenic landscape of forest and oceanfront.Consider joining our Discord where we often hold group events, game nights, and watch parties.Owners:

For information about renting at Kindlewood including availability and pricing, check out our Homes page.


  1. No harassing behavior or imagery

  2. No hate speech (racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.)

  3. Follow the Linden Lab Terms of Service

Nudity is allowed and Kindlewood is very sex-positive, but not everyone is looking for sexual advances. If you have trouble reading a situation or if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, let us know.If you have objects in our public parcels, it would be super helpful ensuring one of us has your edit rights. Objects we feel are not needed or that make sound will be returned.If you have questions or concerns, contact one of us in-world via Sascha Littlepaws, Scar Littlepaws, or Tom Littlepaws.


Information and Pricing:
Homes that are crossed out are no longer available. We will post news of any vacancies in our Discord.

#NamePrimsPrice per week
01Idleworth400L$ 500
02Ivy Grove300L$ 400
03Wildridge450L$ 450
04Westwell450L$ 450
05Songbird450L$ 450
06Grand Meadow600L$ 600
07Riverfall300L$ 400
08Aspendale500L$ 500
09Midblossom500L$ 500
10Willow Vale250L$ 250
11Dewberry250L$ 250
12Evergreen500L$ 500
13Humble Creek300L$ 300
14Cloverfield600L$ 600
15Seafoam450L$ 550
16Shoreline450L$ 550

To inquire about availability or if you have any questions, contact Scar Littlepaws. We are happy to supply key furniture items if it would help save you money, e.g., Cuming Soon, Rawage, and Ruckus products. Just let us know!

Rental Guidelines:

  1. Along with those added below, our standard rules apply.

  2. This is an adult region and we are very sex-positive. Residents and guests are often nude and allowed to use private and public areas to conduct adult activities. We just want you to be aware of this in advance. 💖

General continued

  1. In order to rez on your home parcel, you need to be part of the Kindlewood Residents group which is invite-only. This is separate from the Estates group. You will receive an invite when your rental period begins. You will be ejected from the group once your rental period ends. Feel free to ask us to add anyone who will be living with you.

  2. Your prim allowance is the total land impact you can have on your parcel not counting anything owned by us. "Parcel land capacity" in About Land > Objects may read a lower number than what you are given because Second Life sets a number based on parcel size, but it is group owned land with a shared "Region capacity". So, if your parcel has a land capacity of 200 and you are allowed 400, do not fret. You can still use that full 400.

  3. Platforms are allowed at 3000 meters and above, but not permanent residences. Platform width and length should not exceed your home's.

  4. We ask that you use your home at ground level as your main residence. If you do not wish to live there, we may have skybox parcels available in the future, but not currently. We want to reserve homes for those that will use them.

  5. Please do not rez any nature items outside of your home. We will continue to add to the landscape over time and want to keep it as cohesive as possible. Outside furniture is allowed.

  6. There are no ban lines at Kindlewood, but a CasperSafe security panel is located in each home in the form of a plaque with our logo on it. It is disabled and configured to allow everyone by default, but feel free to enable and manage parcel security with it as you see fit.

  7. We will be working to reduce the lag in the region over time. Help us reduce lag by not rezzing any breedables, weapons, heavily scripted items, and so on. Help us even more by removing scripts from objects that no longer need them once you are done decorating, e.g., texture changers, etc. You can do this by selecting an object, then the Build tab > Scripts > Remove Scripts from Selection. If you need help determining what objects apply, just let us know.

  8. Do not rez on any parcel but your own unless you are given permission.

About Land configuration

  1. Under About Land > Options, please be sure Build has the Group box checked and Everyone box unchecked. This allows only Kindlewood Residents group members to rez. Do not leave Everyone checked unless you have a guest over and want to let them rez temporarily. Just be sure to uncheck the Everyone box again when they leave.

  2. Also under About Land > Options, though completely optional, you may want to have “Avatars on other parcels…” unchecked for added privacy. Having this option unchecked means avatars outside of your parcel cannot see the avatars inside of it.

  3. About Land > Sound settings are up to you outside of “Obscure MOAP” which should remain checked. This keeps media from playing automatically from objects within separate parcels.

  4. You can uncheck "Restrict gesture and object sounds..." if you want to hear the sounds we placed around the region outside of your parcel, but note that this goes both ways meaning the sounds on your parcel can then be heard by anyone outside of it.

  5. To that point, please avoid adding nature sounds of your own unless you keep "Restrict gesture and object sounds..." under About Land > Sound checked so it does not bleed into the public parcels.

  6. Do not change About Land settings on any parcel but your own.

Paying for your parcel

  1. Your rental box is on your parcel in the form of a CasperLet cat mailbox.

  2. It allows 1 to 4 weeks of payment at a time, but you can continue to pay for as many weeks as you would like. Generally, we will only provide refunds if an error was caused due to a CasperLet issue, but we will do our best to accommodate you however we can.

  3. If your rent is overdue by more than a week, we will try to reach you both in-world and via Discord a few days before returning your objects and placing the home back in Available.

  4. If you are moving out and want to let us know, click the cat mailbox and select "Won't Renew" from the menu options or contact Scar Littlepaws.[19]

    Thank you for staying with us!


Second Life videos made by Sascha Littlepaws. Most of these are not safe for work or "would make shit awkward at work"

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